Must-See Places of Italy

So if you are like me and travel abroad to Italy, you will probably be overwhelmed by how much there is to see in such little time (yes, four months will fly by in no time!). If you are going to another country I’m sure there is just as much to see, but I am only focusing on Italy here, since that is where I lived throughout the program. I will start with the places that I saw firsthand, and then move on to some other locations that I heard were great, but had to miss out on (hey, it’s hard to see a whole country in that amount of time).

Places I Saw That You Must See


1. Florence
This is where I lived so there is a lot to include here, but I am going to sum it up by saying GO AND VISIT THIS CITY FOR A LONG TIME. Check out other places to go from a Florence local’s blog. Here are my must-sees:

  • Piazza Michelangelo, where you can stand in a rose garden or outlook over the city while musicians play romantic music in the background. The hike is worth it.
  • The Uffizi, The Accademia, and other famous museums to see some of the greatest artwork ever created.
  • The Duomo di Firenze (the Florence Cathedral) and the baptistry, as well as the Basilica of Santa Croce and Santa Maria.
  • The top of Fiesole to see another great view above the city, a Franciscan church, and thousand-year old city ruins.
  • The Ponte Vecchio gold bridge and the Palazzo Vecchio square.
  • The Pitti Palace, Medici Palace, and any other palace!


2. Rome

  • The Colosseum.
  • The Trevi Fountain.
  • Saint Peter’s Basilica
  • The Vatican.
  • Galleria Borghese.


3. PisaIMG_0602

  • The Leaning Tower and basilica.
  • The Keith Haring Wall.



4. MilanIMG_2393

  • Duomo di Milano.
  • The fashion district.



5. VeniceIMG_2629

  • Piazza San Marco
  • Basilica di San Marco
  • The Frari.
  • Gondolas and water taxis.



6.  Cinque Terre Beaches






7. Perugia during the Chocolate Festival







8. Verona

  • Roman Amphitheater (Arena di Verona).IMG_0924
  • Juliet’s house and balcony.





Places I Wish I saw

1. Amalfi Coast

2. Pompeii

3. Sicily

4. Naples (Naples is said to be dangerous, but it is the birthplace of pizza, after all).

I also wish I had seen a more country-side area of Italy, as I mostly saw cities. I went through country areas on buses and trains, but I wish I would have done a wine tasting in the rolling Tuscan hills. They are beautiful!

Obviously I have a bias towards Tuscany and Florence, but it truly is a beautiful place. Do you have any hidden gems for people to visit? What places are on your must-see-list?


3 thoughts on “Must-See Places of Italy

  1. I have never been to Italy or any other country for that matter, but I would love to go to Italy one day. My boyfriend is Italian, I am not, and we have talked about someday traveling there to go site seeing. You said that you were not even able to see everywhere you wanted in the four months you were there so I would really have to make a list of my must see places and waste no time since I probably would only get to go for a few weeks. I loved the pictures of the different places. It is very beautiful in pictures so I bet it is even more amazing and breath taking in person! I would love to visit Milan because I love clothes and fashion! I also think it would be interesting to visit Pompeii, that stinks you weren’t able too but it seems like you did get to experience a lot of beautiful and fun places while in Italy. The picture of the Cinque Terre Beaches was gorgeous I would love to go there too! You mentioned in Venice there were Gondolas which I think is very romantic and have always dreamed of being on one at night with the stars above and getting proposed to by my boyfriend! Not that it’ll happen. I have never heard of water taxis. Are they like a boat form of a taxi on the water? I loved your pictures and your tips of where to visit! It seems like it was a wonderful experience!

    1. Hi, Jessica, thanks for reading my post! I hope you and your boyfriend make it there someday. You never know, you can see a lot in just a few weeks. It requires a lot of planning, but there are people who take really quick tours around Europe and see a bunch of different cities. It all just depends how you want to do it, and how much you budget for the trip. Water taxis are enclosed boats that take people around the city. They just have a bunch of seats in them, like you would see on the inside of a bus. And just like buses, they get crowded, they make a bunch of stops, and some people have to stand if all the seats are taken. Milan was great. I unfortunately only was there about a day and a half, so I can’t tell you much to do, but it was beautiful. Cinque Terre was gorgeous, but definitely crowded! Good luck on your journey (and remember to drop hints to the boyfriend if you want a ring on a gondola) 😉 Take care!

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